Whether it is for the execution of routine tasks, the simulation of a presence in case of prolonged absence or the triggering of the alarm in case of intrusion, home automation scenarios are a very useful solution. Focus on this interesting option of home automation.


Home automation scenario: infinite possibilities

By definition, a home automation scenario is a set of commands or actions programmed in advance and executed automatically by home automation equipment. In other words, recording a home automation scenario makes it possible to delegate to the home automation central the execution of a series of tasks that can be tedious to control manually. The execution can be punctual, done during a predefined duration, in a repetitive way or according to the needs.


As far as the triggering of the home automation scenario is concerned, it can be carried out:

Manually via remote control switch, smart phone, tablet or computer.

Automatically on the order of a detector or a surveillance camera of a wireless alarm system.

On calendar, i.e. at a specific time or date or regularly.

wireless system

Examples of home automation scenarios

Today, home automation makes it possible to program a multitude of home automation scenarios, from lighting, shutters and remote control blinds, heating and air conditioning to wireless alarms and surveillance cameras.


For example, a “start” scenario orders all lights to be switched off, the shutters to be closed, the heating to “eco” mode and the alarm system to be activated.


An “intrusion” scenario orders the shutters to be closed, the exterior lights to be turned on, the audible alarm to be activated, an alert to be sent to a smart phone and the surveillance cameras to be automatically recorded as soon as a presence is detected by the security devices.